We have assembled an excellent project management team to carry out a trial in rural KwaZulu Natal in part of the King Cetshwayo District Municipality. The objective of the trial is to achieve a proof of concept for TV White Space (TVWS) devices to provide long-distance connectivity, together with Mesh Wi-Fi networks for local connectivity. This is intended to provide low-cost, high-performance broadband and voice access for up to 85,000 residents. In addition, free connectivity will be supplied to local schools. The trial is not only of the technology but is a full commercial trial of the economics of this type of network, together with an innovative business model that can provide income for up to 400 self-employed entrepreneurs associated with the project.

AfriCanopy’s objectives of the 14-month Trial Project are as follows:

  • To provide low-cost high-speed Internet access to as many as 85,000 people living in the rural parts of the King Cetshwayo District Municipality.
  • To provide free Internet access to around 50 schools located in the rural parts of the King Cetshwayo District Municipality.
  • To create income-earning opportunities for around 400 community members living within the King Cetshwayo District Municipality; and
  • To test and demonstrate the large-scale technical and commercial viability of TVWS technology in providing broadband connectivity in rural areas.

Licenses and approvals granted and awarded to date:

  1. Class electronic communications network service licenses granted and awarded to Africanopy including:
  2. 10 For the provision of network services
  3. 10 For the provision of electronic communications services
  4. SANRAL approval granted

Milestones to date:

  • Preliminary testing undertaken
  • Research and development services provided to international client across 7 projects
  • Hardware importation;
    • pre-deployment hardware assembly and testing in progress;
    • Technical Solution integration for payment, billing, monitoring complete.
  • Tower sourcing and procurement phase 1 complete
  • Engagement with landowners and municipality for tower locations ongoing
  • Engagement with 3rd party infrastructure providers ongoing